AV over IP technology Solution Provider Hybrid video streaming partner

AV over IP technology Solution Provider Hybrid video streaming partner


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In this era of hybrid and virtual events, it can get tricky to plan the ins and outs of today’s events. With 15 years of experience, serving up to 15 countries with a track record of more than 1700 events and counting, the VStream team can work with you to bring your hybrid or virtual event to life.

VStream provides support in the technical planning and designing of show workflows,  training teams and organizations that wish to move to the next level in their productions and educating the next generation of bright minds in the new age and technology in the broadcast industry.

Primarily our workflow is mainly structured around the usage of AVoIP such as NDI and Dante. Our team of storytellers are specialists in Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera operations for small to large scale productions.

Multi-Camera Production

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  • How many cameras do you need to tell your story? Wide shot, close-up, roving, static, point of view. Tell us more about your show and let us advise you on the suitable packages available.
  • Widely used for one way video broadcasting such as webinars, product launch, AGMs.

Remote Show Production

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  • Bring the world into your show! Maximize the beauty of being in the digital age of worldwide internet, there are no limits to engaging with speakers and audiences from all over planet earth.
  • Most suitable for bringing in many people into your livestream from anywhere with decent internet connection. (Overseas guest speakers, award ceremonies, international conferences and forums)

AVoIP Architects

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  • The age of Audio Visual over Internet Protocol in the broadcast industry is now. We design and provide AVoIP consultation for venues such as Production Studios, Places of Worship and Institutes.
  • We are big players on the usage of NewTek NDI protocol and Dante in Singapore. Up till date we are architects for over 15 organizations and clients. Write to us, to understand more on how VStream can value-add to your project or organisation. 


VStream R&D specialists are on-the-ground daily, keeping up to date with current trends and new technology discovery. Our trainers are certified by NewTek University to provide suitable training for all levels. Adaptability has never been a more sought after characteristic of an organisation before today. Learn more from us. 

Hybrid Production and Technologies (For Students)

We delve into the current wave of moving from Live shows to Hybrid productions. What are the technologies needed to create a hybrid production? How is it different from doing live shows? We will also talk about the broadcast industry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and how it is moving forward.

Hybrid Production and Technologies (For Corporate)

This programme is targeted for individuals in corporate organisations who plan and produce streaming content. We delve into guiding you in ways to optimize and streamline your production/show/event planning with the introduction and understanding of various working solutions such as NewTek TriCaster, vMix, OBS, Streamyard, Singular and more.

AVoIP Solutions

We provide short courses on the usage of different streaming protocols and solutions. Training you on how to utilize AVoIP to optimize your productions for clients. We introduce the usage of NewTek TriCaster, vMix and OBS as software visual mixing solutions and the limitless possibilities in creating amazing and creative shows with them. We will bring to light on various control mapping solutions such as Central Control, NewTek LivePanel, Companion and Streamdeck.


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